The World of Ice

The World of Ice

Or, the Whaling Cruise of 'the Dolphin' and the Adventures of Her Crew in the Polar Regions



oats, but without effect, although the shot plunged into the water all round them. As they drew nearer, a brisk fire of musketry was opened on them, and the occasional falling of an oar and confusion on board showed that the shots told. The pirates replied vigorously, but without effect, as the men of the ship were sheltered by the bulwarks.

"Pass the word to load and reserve fire," said the captain, "and hand me a musket, Fred. Load again as fast as I fire." So saying, the captain took aim, and fired at the steersman of the largest boat, which pulled towards the stern. "Another, Fred--"

At this moment a withering volley was poured upon the boat, and a savage yell of agony followed, while the rowers--who remained unhurt--paused for an instant as if paralysed. Next instant they recovered, and another stroke would have brought them almost alongside, when Captain Ellice pointed the little carronade and fired. There was a terrific crash, the gun recoiled violently to the other side of the deck, and