The 14-Carat Roadster

The 14-Carat Roadster



a tourist travelling incognito? A waiter should have eyes!"

"To have them knocked out?" the waiter moaned.

"How could I know the customer was off his head?"

"When will you understand that world-famous bathing resorts cannot be founded on guests who are sound in mind!"

The policeman, it seemed, knew this, because he stopped politely before Ivan Gorchev. He even raised his hand to his cap.

"Good day, sir."

"Good day. Would you like some chicken?"

"No, thank you."

"Fruit, cognac?"

"No, no..."

"Well, then, do accept at least a few roses!..."

"Oh, you are very kind, sir, but it's forbidden to walk around with roses instead of a baton on duty."

"Come now! Nor is it permitted to drink red wine, and yet you came out of the bar on the other side of the street..."

"Excuse my asking but why is it that you are consuming your tasty lunch in a kind of open-air performance?"

Gorchev looked up. He seemed for a moment to be unce