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Bessie's Fortune

Bessie's Fortune

A Novel


Excerpt: han with me. We are not at all alike. But I thank

you for asking me all the same, and now it is time for me to go, if I

take the four o'clock train. Father will be expecting me."

Burton went with her to the train, and saw her into the car, and bought

her _Harper's Monthly_, and bade her good-by, and then, in passing out,

met and lifted his hat to the Misses Grey, Lucy and Geraldine, who had

been visiting in Boston, and were returning to Allington.

This encounter drove his sister from his mind, and made him think of his

aunt's injunction to marry one of the Greys. Lacy was the prettier and

gentler of the two, the one whom everybody loved, and who would make him

the better wife. Probably, too, she would be more easily won than the

haughty Geraldine, who had not many friends. And so, before he reached

his house on Beacon street, he had planned a matrimonial campaign and

carried it to a successful issue, and made sweet Lucy Grey the mistress

of his home.

It is not our purpose to enter into the details of