Excerpt: g himself into liberty and a pension at last, or had

to go out of his gas-lighted grave straight into that other dark one

where nobody would want to intrude. My humanity was pleased to discover

he had so much kick left in him, but I was not comforted in the least. It

occurred to me that if Mr. Powell had the same sort of temper . . .

However, I didn't give myself time to think and scuttled across the space

at the foot of the stairs into the passage where I'd been told to try.

And I tried the first door I came to, right away, without any hanging

back, because coming loudly from the hall above an amazed and scandalized

voice wanted to know what sort of game I was up to down there. "Don't

you know there's no admittance that way?" it roared. But if there was

anything more I shut it out of my hearing by means of a door marked

Private on the outside. It let me into a six-feet wide strip between a

long counter and the wall, taken off a spacious, vaulted room with a

grated window and a glazed door givin