The Alleged Haunting of B---- House

The Alleged Haunting of B---- House

Including a Journal Kept During the Tenancy of Colonel Lemesurier Taylor


Excerpt: the

greater part of their rent, which had been paid in advance. The

evidence of Mr. H---- himself, of his butler, and of several guests,

will be found in due chronological sequence.

* * * * *

When Colonel Taylor, one of the fundamental members of the London

Spiritualist Alliance, a distinguished member of the S.P.R., whose

name is associated both in this country and in America with the

investigation of haunted houses, offered to take a lease of B----

House, after the lease had been resigned by Mr. H----, the proprietor

made no objection whatever. Indeed, the only allusion made to the

haunting was the expression of a hope on the part of Captain S----'s

agents in Edinburgh, that Colonel Taylor would not make it a subject

of complaint, as had been done by Mr. H----, in reply to which they

were informed that Colonel Taylor was thoroughly well aware of what

had happened during Mr. H----'s tenancy, and would undertake to make

no complaint on the subject. Captain S---- having th