Martin Rattler

Martin Rattler

A Boy's Adventures in the Forests of Brazil


Excerpt: boy, trembling with eagerness

as he stared across the fields.

"Turn your back on it, I say!" reiterated the master in a loud tone, at

the same time striking the desk violently with his cane.

"Oh, sir, let me out! There's Bob Croaker with my kitten. He's going to

drown it. I know he is,--he said he would; and if he does aunty will die,

for she loves it next to me; and I must save it, and--and, if you

_don't_ let me out--you'll be a murderer!"

At this concluding burst, Martin sprang forward and stood before his

master with clenched fists and a face blazing with excitement. The

schoolmaster's gaze of astonishment gradually gave place to a dark frown

strangely mingled with a smile, and, when the boy concluded, he said

quietly--"You may go."

No second bidding was needed. The door flew open with a bang; and the

gravel of the play-ground, spurned right and left, dashed against the

window panes as Martin flew across it. The paling that fenced it off from

the fields beyond was low, but too high fo