American Institutions and Their Influence

American Institutions and Their Influence


Excerpt: ions. No

foreigner has ever exhibited such a deep, clear, and correct

insight of the machinery of our complicated systems of federal

and state governments. The most intelligent Europeans are

confounded with our _imperium in imperio_; and their

constant wonder is, that these systems are not continually

jostling each other. M. DE TOCQUEVILLE has clearly perceived,

and traced correctly and distinctly, the orbits in which they

move, and has described, or rather defined, our federal

government, with an accurate precision, unsurpassed even by an

American pen. There is no citizen of this country who will not

derive instruction from our author's account of our national

government, or, at least, who will not find his own ideas

systematised, and rendered more fixed and precise, by the perusal

of that account.

Among other subjects discussed by the author, that of the

political influence of the institution of trial by jury,

is one of the most curious and interesting. He has certainly

presented it in a light e