Ex Voto

Ex Voto

An Account of the Sacro Monte or New Jerusalem at Varallo-Sesia with Some Notice of Tabachetti's Remaining Work at the Sanctuary of Crea


Excerpt: uantum valeat, is all in favour of

Paracca. I have changed my mind through an increasing inability to

resist the opinion of those who hold that the figures fall into two

main groups, one by the man who did the signed figure, i.e., Michael

Angelo Rossetti; and another, comprising all the most vigorous,

interesting, and best placed figures, that certainly appears to be by

a much more powerful hand. Probably, then, Rossetti finished

Paracca's work and signed one figure as he did, without any idea of

claiming the whole, and believing that Paracca's predominant share

was too well known to make mistake about the authorship of the work

possible. I have therefore in the title to the illustration given

the work to Paracca, but it must be admitted that the question is one

of great difficulty, and I can only hope that some other work of

Paracca's may be found which will tend to settle it. I will

thankfully receive information about any other such work.

May 1, 1888.